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Storm Recovery's mission started over five years ago. It was evident after Hurricane Ike that there where very few contractors or insurance providers and adjusters that where putting the clients and customers before their profits and expenses. To this day we still hear many horror stories about homeowners and businesses that were forced to leave their homes, and despite the heavy damage, did not receive the proper financial restitutions that the insurance providers were supposed to have covered. Worse than that, the homeowners that did get their damages covered, where subjected to fly by night roofing companies that would either cut corners or run away with insurance proceeds all together.

Storm Recovery is dedicated to providing the services and information necessary to keep their homes and businesses in good standing. Storm Recovery understands the best way to stay competitive in this market is to provide the best service and experience possible for the victims of these circumstances. It is understandable that most Texans do not understand what is covered in their insurance policies and what to expect from their contractor when during these hard times. Especially while focusing on keeping their families and jobs in order.

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